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How To (Finally) Get Your Book Done, Published and In #1 Bestseller Spot In Under 90-Days Without Having To Worry If It’s “Going To Work” Or If People Are Going To Like It (Discover the exact steps that #1 Bestsellers use to create a book that will drive readers wild, create a movement and put cash in your pocket NOW)
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How To Become A #1 Bestseller Even If You’re Starting From Scratch And Have No Following (Discover exactly how to use your unknown status to your advantage to get more exposure and more new clients in far less time – every single one of my clients have used this secret to become #1 Bestsellers themselves)
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How To Use Your #1 Bestselling Book To Create Multiple Streams Of Income And Grow Your Business (How anyone can use my proven “Quick And Easy Book Profits Method™” to maximize front and back-end revenue, with a steady stream of new clients begging to work with you - a.k.a. never chase clients again!)
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About Your Host

Paul Brodie is a Ten-Time Bestselling Author. He shows Aspiring and Current Authors how to scale their business and change their lives through having a Bestselling book.

Paul's book marketing system has helped all his clients become #1 Bestselling Authors. He works with people to help them realize that becoming a #1 Bestselling Author is a viable option and not a pipe dream. Paul is a huge believer in education-based marketing and has 25 years of experience in education, market research, and sales and service. 

Paul is the specialist in quick, effective marketing techniques that get fast results for Authors.
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Paul Brodie, helps authors like you get your book written, published, and marketed to a #1 Bestseller fast so 
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